Hard Work!

In response to my last blog I feel the need to clarify that it has taken/is taking a load of determination and effortto sustain the amazing changes I’ve made in my recovery. It isn’t something I can just leave and hope it will all be ok; it involves generous repetition!
This is mainly because my brain is so used to firing old unhelpful patterns like feeling spaced out for example – this is one of my infamous favourites. Nothing more uneasy than feeling detached from reality, something that is all too familiar for me! However I can get out of this uncomfortable state quite easily by using the process; it’s just something I have to repeat and repeat and over time it will come much more easily. The science behind it being the more you use a neural pathway in your brain the stronger it becomes. On the other side the less you use a pathway the weaker it becomes until it eventually disappears!
The brain is a very changeable thing!
This whole concept is called neuroplasticity and is really quite a revolutionary subject.
It wasbelieved that the brain was fairly hardwired and once you reached a certain age you were stuck with what you’ve got. However this is soooo far from the truth.

This is all very relatable to myself, for example I became very VERY anxious whilst being ill (mainly in response to the detached/spaced feeling I spoke about earlier); I got really good at it!
So it would all make sense that because I have used the anxious pathway in my brain so often in the past that the anxious response is so much more easily triggered than it was before I became ill. This is obviously not to say that I’m stuck with this and I’ll have panic attacks here there and everywhere for the rest of my life.
I got really into meditation whilst I was unwell and this literally saved my sanity by activating my parasympathetic nervous system resulting in a much calmer me! (I think I’ll do a whole page on meditation soon as it’s really had such a big impact in helping me).

But anyway I feel like now I’ve achieved this I really can do anything! (Within some limits obviously…)

To end I bought a book on body language today; your mind, thoughts and emotions change your body language buuuuut your body language can also change your mind, thoughts and emotions.



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